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The 22nd Grenchen triennale in Switzerland, an out of the ordinary event!

Visit the exhibition of the prints competing (including mine) for the miniprint exhibition with me...

A maxi exhibition of 722 miniprints made by artists from more than 60 countries as well as other artistic events animated Grenchen town center from 10th to 26th September…

Grenchen triennale has been happening since 1958. Its 2021 curator, Kardo Kosta, an Argentine artist living in Grenchen, invited me to take part. In the dedicated project page on his site, you can see the rules of the competition as well as the print I created in response to the 2021 brief “time without time”.

Here are a few pictures of the opening of the exhibition, its scenography and some of the prints taking part in the competition.

As you can see, each print has been carefully framed in black with a large white mount. The prints were hung by countries.

Congratulations to Germany who was the biggest contributor to the exhibition with 122 prints, followed by Mexico - 96, and Switzerland - 81. France was in 6th position - 30 prints, after Argentina - 54 and Poland 39.

The miniprints were hung in a now unoccupied shopping center and were accompanied by several other exhibitions and artistic performances...
  • The Map of Switzerland, larger formats about different aspects of Switzerland,

  • An exhibition of large format, coloured prints by the “KGG friends”,

  • An exhibition of beautiful photographic portraits of Kardo Kosta,

  • A project about money - what if can and cannot buy in particular - held in the vault of the bank which previously occupied the place,

  • An printmaker’s studio, a slightly magic place where to meet Kardo Kosta standing by his work,

  • An interactive exhibition, an invitation to take a journey where visitors were photographed...

What a tour de force to fill this former shopping center floor to ceiling with art!

Even outside on the square, under a roof, something was happening: “Your face to the name” a participative project started in Mendoza by Juan Ignacio Blanco and Orlando Javier Pelichotti from Argentina and Kardo Kosta from Switzerland as coordinator and leader the project, displayed photographic black and white portraits made by 400 artists from 30 countries printed on pages of telephone directories.

During three weeks in Grenchen, the world of contemporary printmaking was brought together… a place to meet, learn and share, which undoubtedly will leave profond traces in my own artistic journey.

More information and the winning prints on the site of the triennale on its site :


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