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The tools of the printmaker on lino blocks, inking rollers and ink - printmaking workshop



  • Between June and August 2024, the workshops will be on demand, please contact me...

  • I run workshops outside my studio and online: please get in touch!

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Carving a block of grey lino with a gouge - beginners printmaking workshop

Allow 3 to 4 hours for a fun and relaxed workshop or one day if you have a special project involving a bigger format or several colours. You may come with your design or not (we can research ideas together). No special drawing ability is required! Here is what is covered during the workshop:


  • Understand the basics of relief printmaking, carve the whites and transfer your drawing in reverse

  • Safely carve your design (children will make their designs with biros on foam ; teenagers and adults will learn to linocut without stabbing themselves!)

  • Ink you block using fast drying good quality water based inks

  • Print with a spoon as if you were at home in your kitchen

  • Print with a press

  • Appreciate the result of the inking process and make adjustments in case of problems (too little or too much ink…)

You will go back home with your block and the knowhow to reprint it. You will also leave with your prints and will have the choice to frame them or send them away !


Introduction to linocut workshop:

  • 3 to 4 hours

  • Create a small print (10x15 cm) on A4 paper or a greetings cards

  • No more than 3 participants

  • Materials and equipment provided

  • 90 euros for one participant - 120 euros for two participants (come with a friend or member of the family).

Introduction to multi-colour linocut workshop:

  • 6 to 7 hours  

  • Create a simple A4 or more detailed A5 print or a 2 or 3 colours small print (10 x 15 cm)

  • No more than 2 participants

  • Materials and equipment provided

  • 180 euros for one participant - 240 euros for two participants

Linoprinting workshop for children:

  • 1h30 to 2 hours

  • No more than 3 participants

  • Materials and equipment provided

  • 45 euros / participant

Contact me to book your workshop !

Linoprint with noise and linopint without noise
Dessin - gravure.jpg

Reviews from workshop participants:

A wonderful interlude in the peaceful and precise world of printmaking!

Sparks appear in Florence's eyes when she talks about engraving.  Step by step through the history and art of engraving and some emblematic artists, she takes us into her creative world.  Patiently until the printing of the creation with there also a particular animation when she speaks about the tools, the inks without forgetting the papers which take almost life.  A very nice experience, thank you very much Florence and bravo for your creations and these workshops. (L.J.)

I believe I have very little talent for graphic arts. And yet, thanks to Florence, her clear explanations, her attentive and adapted accompaniment, her simplicity in the relationship, the result astonished me. The moment of this beautiful workshop, time stopped. The pleasure of being in the presence of what we do, with a beautiful result as a bonus. Thank you Florence for your welcome and your pedagogy! (D.)

Many thanks again for this afternoon's workshop! We had a great time!


Thank you for taking such good care of us right from our first meeting: invitation card, web link, newsletter, materials and well-organised event.


My guests have already given me very positive feedback. (M.)

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