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Art for your home - print - wildflowers on a blue green background
Unframed print of wildflowers on a turquoise background
Linocut print of wildflowers on a dark red  background
Blockprint of wildflowers on a warm yellow background


Enjoying the arrival of spring, walking in the sun on the dusty path, observing the season changing with a view to see the mistletoe on the trees surrounding the pond, shivering while watching the swans standing still on the icy water… What a joy to walk in nature!

Those prints are inspired by cyanotypes I made from wildflowers collected while walking in the countryside in summer.


They represent the states of mind and emotions we experience.

  • La joie de vivre (turquoise)

  • La conversation (yellow)

  • La méditation (dark blue)

  • La paix intérieure (burgundy red)

Those prints are available on my e-shop.

4 linocut prints 8x13 cm

Printed on 16x21 cm cream Fabriano Unica paper 2020.

Linocut print : Vers la lumière ? made for the 2021 International Print Exchange organised by Derby Greendoor Printmaking Studio
  • En chemin, vers la lumière ?


This print is made from combined elements of the previous prints. It was my contribution to the 12th International Print Exchange organised by Green Door Printmaking Studio in Derby (UK).  

One of the prints of the edition can be purchased for £30 + pp on the site of the International Print Exchange.

First edition, blue - Second edition red - Third edition, turquoise

inocut print 10x10 cm

Printed 14x14 cm white Fabriano Unica paper 2020.

Two framed prints of wildflowers in red and in turquoise

There are two 2020 other editions of 10 of this print, a red one with a little gold at Christmas and a turquoise one as requested by a lovely collector.

A view of the lino block, the test prints and the final print of "Vers la lumière ?"

The 2021 edition of 10 of this print is in dark blue with a little gold. It is available in my shop.

Home decor - Christmas present - unframed prin
Limited edition print for Christmas 2021 present
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