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Picture of Florence Jalice outside
Florence Jalice printmaker with studio cat
Florence Jalice, printmaker, carving lino

Hang nature on your walls: my prints take you for a walk and invite you to appreciate the landscape and experience the emotions it brings.

I spend my happiest moments outside, whatever the weather, walking and sketching in the département de l'Oise in France where I live (I am currently based at Crépy-en-Valois). My prints aim at conveying my love and wonder of nature and its beauty, its changing states throughout the seasons and how they echo the human condition and influence our emotions.


I was first introduced to printmaking by my artist daughter. Since then, I have been enjoying every step in my journey into the vast and diverse world of printmaking. The very essence of printmaking, which allows to produce ‘multiples’, is at the heart of the amazement and relish I experience from the process.

I have a long first career as a teacher in adult education (very useful to run printmaking workshops!), training trainers and in human resources development. I graduated from Middlesex University (UK) in 1990. I have been making art as a fulfilling activity since I was little.

Connecting with other artists and printmakers and sharing my art with print enthusiasts has become the passion of my life and a great source of personal development and resilience. Printmaking is also an active way for me to do something useful and take part in movements aiming at helping those in need (be it of peace or relief). I feel my life is richer and more meaningful since I embraced this art.








  • Noël à l’atelier: open studio, exhibition in Anne de la Forge’s studio - December



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