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“Saisir l’instant”, story of the creation of this print in response to the theme of the 22nd Triennale Grenchen Miniprint competition “Time without time”

Saisir l'instant - Linocut print as exhibited at the 2021 Grenchen Triennale

The “Grenchen Triennale” has been happening every three years without interruption since 1958 in Grenchen, Switzerland. In 2021,  the curator of the Miniprint competition is Kardo Kosta, who is an Argentine artist living in Grenchen.


The framework of the competition: the requirement was to produce a relief print in black and white on the theme “time without time”.  Paper size: 148 x 210 mm, portrait format ; Size of the plate: 110 x 150 mm.

One day I had the joy of receiving a message from Kardo Kosta, inviting me to take part. Of course I would!


The process of creation for this print has been quite long and not very serene! When  finally made up my mind, I chose to recreate a happy moment that had been taking place 15 years ago, because the theme inspires me those thoughts: a sunny walk at the spring of childhood. the passing of time. A fleeting recollection. Eternized.

As often -  you will not be surprised if you know of my work - the title of this print is borrowed from a poem. "Saisir l’instant" is a poem written by Esther Granek (1927 - 2016) included in the book "Je cours après mon ombre", edited by éditions Jean-Louis Curtis in 1981. To read it (in French) you may click on this link.

The exhibition of the prints by more than 700 artists from 70 countries is taking place from 10th to 24th September 2021 in Grenchen, Switzerland.


If you have an Instragram or Facebook account, you may like to consult:Instagram or Facebook As you will see, each print has been beautifully framed with a black mould and a large white mount and hung with great care. The prints are presented in groups by countries.​

Four linoprints of the edition, which is of 5, were available for sale at the Triennale and two were bought during the exhibition. I gave the fifth one to Kunsthaus Grenchen, the art society of arts of Grenchen, who organise this great event.

Two are still available and are listed in my shop.

Saisir l'instant - framed linocut print of children

I visited the exhibition and it was great to see how the other participants answered the theme… You can find pictures of the opening of the exhibition and of the hanging here on my blog.


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