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Receive a free lino printed postcard and make a donation to a charitable cause of your choice

Updated: Aug 10, 2021

The Instagram #oneofmanypostcard movement explained and your chance to get involved!

Have you heard about the One of many postcard movement ?

One of many postcard is an art for charity event, set up by John Pedder who is a printmaker established in Sheffield (UK). John started this movement on Instagram in 2018 alone and now there are hundreds of artists taking part each time round… Here is how he describes it on his post of the 8th June:

“You simply make something, anything, put it on your feed and ask if people would like one on the understanding that when they receive it, they consider what they would have paid for it and if they can afford it, donate that amount to a charity which is close to their heart. That’s it!”

Next round is on July 4th 2021.

Here is my contribution to #oneofmanypostcard this time round. It is a 10 x 15 cm lino print, printed with Charbonnel Prussian blue ink on Fabriano Unica white paper.

Its title “l’arrosoir arrosé” is a pun made with “arrosoir", water can, in reference to the film by the Lumière brothers “l'arroseur arrosé”, the sprayed sprinkler…

The inspiration for it was a picture sent to me by René, my printmaking mentor.

René took the picture in his beautiful garden, saying that he cannot use his water cans at the moment because the rose trees have taken control of this corner of the garden! He sent this picture to me with a note “un petit sujet de gravure” (a little subject matter for a print).

I slightly changed René’s original picture to accommodate the postcard format. I do hope you like this printed postcard: do not hesitate to like and comment on this post to give your opinion!

If you would like one of these postcards (I have made about twenty), please drop me a line including your address using the contact form and I will send you one for free anywhere in the world, on 4th July, provided you pledge to pay it forward as explained by John above in this post.

If you wish, you may instead chose to give something to a food bank or make any act of kindness in return.

I have been taking part since October 2019. To see my previous contributions, you can follow this link. If you have an Instagram account, do follow this fantastic movement and discover the varied contributions of all the makers each time round. Ans of course, do not hesitate to take part yourself as a maker if you wish.

To keep up to date (there are about 4 rounds each year), please subscribe to my newsletter via the contact form on the home page of my site (or click in the subscription box in the contact page).

As a conclusion, what about sharing this post with your art loving friends, so as to give them the opportunity to join this movement… either as makers themselves or as recipients - or both?


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