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Original linocut prints  inspired by nature made by Florence Jalice in France


Original linocut prints in limited editions

Inspired by nature - Handcrafted in France

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MiniprintCadaques Carré

11th Nov. - 14th Jan. 2024 , Bages,  France


The 43rd Miniprint of Cadaqués is touring to Bages, France 


9th&10th - 16th&17th December, Gouvieux, Christmas open studios ✨

Christmas open strudios at the artisans troglodyte quarter, invited by Anne de la Forge 

Stage linogravure _ encrage lino

22nd December, Crépy-en-Valois, Workshop

14:30 - 18:30 Workshop

2 spaces (come with a friend or a family member!) + informations


A series of small prints about freedom and change which took part to Miniprint Cadaqués and Miniprint Kazanlak competitions. Connection was one of the winning prints of the 43rd Miniprint of Cadaqués!


A series of small abstract lino prints evoking nature in Gouvieux throughout the year...

“Saisir l’instant”, story of the creation of this print in response to the theme of the 22nd Triennale Grenchen Miniprint competition “Time without time”

Floral prints and cyanotypes celebrating the joy of walking freely in nature.

Illustrations commissioned by Martin Guillet for his MA Fashion and Accessory design integrated in his lookbook.

Carved and inked lino plate,  print pulled from this plate, carving tools, ink & ink roller


Printmaking consists in carving a block which once inked and pressed on a sheet of paper will form a printed picture.


The block allows printing several engravings, which are all considered as originals since they are all slightly different, unique.

There are multiple printmaking techniques. Relief printing implies carving the wood or linoleum block with a sharp tool (gouge).


The carved areas will not be inked and will reveal the paper after printing. The design is printed in reverse and the block can be compared to a stamp (the word stamp comes from the Italian stampa print, press).

Some slight variations of colour can be observed from one print to an other in one edition. These are normal and contribute to the charm of the craft! When you buy a print, do not hesitate to examine all the series of an edition to choose the one you like best.

litlle lino stamp representing a cat, print made from this stamp and two carving tools (gouges)
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