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Many constraints and a lot of freedom...

Multi-block printing: precision and creativity

In the series of answers to your frequent questions, after the rainbow roll, I propose here another possible answer to the question "how to print in colour"?

One colour, one block

Gouache sketch and three blocks of lino ready to be carved before printing

The concept is simple, the execution not so! The inked plates are pressed one after the other onto the paper: planning the design of each plate and precise carving are key. Careful registration of the paper at the printing stage so that there are no (too large) gaps is essential.

It is possible to ink each block with several colours if the carving allows it (with separate areas), and/or to ink some plates with gradients and then to overlay colours to obtain additional colours…

Colourful variations

This technique is very playful and has the advantage of allowing to easily produce several editions of a print with different colours variations since the plates can be reused from one edition to the next.

It is less "risky" than the reduction printing technique, which necessitates to carve into the same plate as the colours are printed one after the other (you can see an example in this post)...


More on multi-block printing in this previous blog post From day to night and from spring to Automn... Multi-plates lino printing, an easy way to vary the atmosphere of a print by changing the colour if the ink while printing...


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