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A rainbow on your roller!

Updated: Feb 3, 2023

Or how to print multiple colours in one press run...

That's it! You have created your first print during a workshop and caught the printmaking bug! You fell in love with the look of a printed plate... Or maybe during an event, you became passionate about this craft and enjoyed seeing what happens behind the scenes... And now you are eager to know more about it...

Printing multiple colours - a rainbow roll

In the series of answers to your frequently asked questions, here is one answer to the question "how to print in color"?

The 'rainbow roll' or making a colour gradient on the roller is one of the simplest and most amusing ways to create stunning effects while printing.

No need for detailed explanations: the colors are placed side by side on the inking plate ; they merge on the roller. Add a little white between each color to soften transitions if you wish (for example, to prevent obtaining a large green area at the intersection of a blue and a yellow for example). And here are a few images of what you can obtain in on pass of color!

In other posts, discover other ways to print in several colors, for example by printing with several plates (some examples here), by making a reduction print, by creating a "jigsaw" and even by integrating glued paper at the time of printing...


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