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The exhibition “Limited Edition, Vollard, Petiet and Modern Master Prints” closes soon

Updated: Sep 23, 2021

You can also have an overview online on the site of the Petit Palais...

Petit Palais, Paris with the presentation of the exhibition Limited Edition, Vollard, Petiet and Modern Master Prints

This blogpost is quite short with very few pictures (it is not allowed to publish pictures under copyright) to suggest, if you happen to be in Paris in the next few days, to visit the Petit Palais exhibition Limited Edition, Vollard, Petiet and Modern Master Prints before its closing on 29th August.

Ambroise Vollard (1866 - 1939) was a French art Dealer, editor and writer. The exhibition is about his activity as an editor of prints and artists books.

The prints exhibited are very diverse not only in terms of printing techniques but also in their styles because the works of so many artists (and Master printmakers) are hung. It appears to me that this exhibition is interesting for those who want to know more about printmaking, as well as for those who just would like to enjoy lovely works of art without being passionate about the behind the scenes aspects of producing a print.

Page 27 and 28 of the catalogue of the exhibition Petit Palais about Vollard
Pierre Bonnard's cover for "Album d'estampes originales de la galerie Vollard, 1897" (lithography).

I most appreciated being able to admire the woodblocks or copper plates, as well as some of Marc Chagall's original gouaches for the Jean de La Fontaine's fables and their printed version. I also enjoyed playing the game of comparing the printed versions of one drawing, one being a lithography and the other a woodblock print. The craftsmanship of the best Parisian printing studios of the time is superbly showcased.

The legacy of Vollard's work is also featured with a room devoted to Henri M. Petiet (1894 - 1980) who bought Vollards prints after his death including Piccasso's La Suite Vollard, many works by Odilon Redon (to name only a few) and a hughe body of work by Mary Cassat whom he greatly admired and promoted all his life.

Catalogue of the exhibition Limited Edition, Vollard, Petiet and Modern Master Prints
The catalogue of the exhibition featuring Aristide Maillol's La Vague (woodblock print)

A lovely catalogue with interesting typographic choices allows to extend the visit.

I warmly invite you to consult the exhibition presentation on the site of the museum which details Vuillard's major role as an early supporter of many emerging young artists (Emile Bernard, André Derain, Maurice de Vlaminck) and very daring editor, as well as to watch the video (if you understand French you may prefer to read about the exhibition on the French version of the site which has 3 videos instead of one).

Pages 64 and 65 of the catalogue of the exhibition Limited Edition, Vollard, Petiet and Modern Master Prints

You may also enjoy the press release and press kit (on the same page in English). Enjoy your visit and your browsing!


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