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Engraver: immobile world traveler!

Updated: Jun 4, 2021

Printmaking is perfect for creating greetings cards and postcards and allows virtual journeys across all the continents; the printmaking community is curious and generous : let's get to know it!

I came across printmaking thanks to mail art, which I have been practicing for a long time. I love sending handmade postcards. Engraving allows creating many original prints (each print is unique owing to slight variations in the way the paper takes the ink) and this craft is ideal to create greetings cards and postcards.

The printmaking community is fantastic

Printmaking is a modest craft. Each print of an edition is unique, however, the essence of an edition is to propose original works of art at affordable prices.

Printmaking is very diverse; there are numerous techniques allowing to make all kinds of styles.

Printmakers marvel, support each other, share advice, cheer themselves up when a printing session has been a nightmare, they even welcome newbies ! They share and as they are quite utopic, they also try to make the world a better place to live on :

  • they swap prints or get involved in international print exchanges (curated or non curated),

  • join all sorts of charitable initiatives,

  • use their art to support causes that they believe in.

I will develop further in future posts so please come back on the blog from time to time.

Printmaking allows to travel the world

Thus printmaking allows travels from home… On the occasion of the European Artistic Crafts Days on instagram I am sharing in my stories today work from printmakers from all continents whom I love (I will let them in the featured stories).

As not everyone is connected to Instagram, I am sharing here some links of websites of contemporary printmakers, hoping you will enjoy you visit! Those are subjective choices and I will share more in future posts.

  • Hélène Bautista : Hélène’s prints are very poetic and full of humanity. They record moments in life and states of mind. The illustrations in print she made for books are beautiful

  • John Pedder : woodcut print in a great minimalistic style. John gets the essence of the subject. He uses his art to protest and tries to make a better world. He is the founder of One of many postcard :

  • Rick Herdman, artist living and working in Burnaby, British Columbia whose work is inspired by nature and its cycles :

Rick's brand new press - which he built by himself! John Pedder's book, Small Mercies [copyrights: Rick Herdman - John Pedder].


More information on the digital programming of Anne de la Forge, contemporary Art Enameler's studo during the European Artistic Crafts Days here. Today we propose you discover Mizane Ceramist's studio

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