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From sketch to print, the journey of 'retour de plage'

Updated: Oct 16, 2021

A four colours linocut reduction print

While on holiday,I like nothing more than sketching en plein air… What better way to accurately observe the landscape ? To keep vivid souvenirs of the happy moments to contemplate nature ?

The sketc and the block of linocarved. Gouges.

I wanted to share with you one of these happy moments and made a print of the miscellaneous treasures gathered on my way... Here are some pictures of its creation.

It is a ‘reduction’ linocut print.

The colours are printed one onto the other and the same block is carved several times.

Details of the print after the thrid inking (out of four)

The first colour printed is the lightest and then the successive colours are printed on top from light to dark. For this print, the block is printed four times. The only colour similar to all the elements is the first one, a light grey which represents the shadows. Then, each element has been inked separately with different colours…

Retour de plage is available in my e-shop. It is an edition of ten. There will not be more because of its reduction technique!


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