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European Heritage Days on 18th and 19th September 2021: open studios in Gouvieux

Anne de la Forge, contemporary art enameler invites Mizanne, ceramist and I to share her beautiful troglodyte studio on the occasion of the European Heritage days.

Inhabited troglodyte houses are a peculiarity of Gouvieux; dug in limestone cliffs they date back from the Gallo-Roman era.

The troglodyte houses were occupied by modest families until the 19th century. Gouvieux town council and the Regional Nature Park have been rehabilitating some houses into workshops, to create a picturesque village dedicated to arts and crafts.

Anne de la Forge, art enameller, shares her beautiful studio with Mizanne André Ceramist and I on the occasion of the European Heritage Days. Meet us, ask us all your questions and discover our latest creations. We will be making demonstrations of art of art enamelling, ceramic and printmaking. More information on the site of the French Ministry of Culture.


Follow us also online and on our social media where we will keep you updated on the events of these two days:


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