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A lovely “fête de l’estampe”, marked by our reunion on the occasion of my open house studio

Updated: Aug 8, 2021

Relive the highlights of this event in pictures and follow Anne de la Forge, art enameler and Mizanne, ceramicist with whom we had set up the “regard croisés” exhibition of our work

My printing table and my inspiration wall
How nice to catch up during the "fête de l’estampe”!

I invited you to discover printmaking on the occasion of this joyful annual event organised for the 9th year by the “Fédération nationale de l'estampe”. Is there a better occasion to talk about printmaking? In this article, discover the highlights of the open house studio as well as of the online programming and find how to keep in touch.

Linocut print workshops

Printing workshops...

The design I carved for you to print your own greetings cards

There is no substitute for experimentation, to fully understand a technique… I suggested you print a card that you could send away or frame. I had carved for you a little block with bell flowers, symbolising friendship in the language of flowers*.

The last steps of the printmaking process are inking, printing and revealing the print (more on printmaking here) : we could analyse if there had been too much ink applied, not enough ink or the right quantity of ink on the block (here on the picture Mizanne is applying ink on the lino block).

You also chose to leave the “noise” / “chatter” of the carving tools or not, according to your taste:

* I printed a two colours version of this greetings card. You can find it in my shop if you fancy sending one to your friends!

On Sunday morning, we also had a workshop with a mum and her two girls ; that was great especially on this day, since it was mothers day in France, and the results were amazing!

Mega printing session for a mother and 2 girls on mothers day

The carving workshop

Some of you wanted to experiment with the whole process. Anne made her first print during an impromptu workshop: a three colours reduction print. To make a reduction print, first time carving… how about that ?

The online meeting with an other printmaker and the discovery of her work and her inspiration
Read about Printmaker Véronique Buyer

As part of the digital programming of this “fête de l’estampe'', I wanted to interview Véronique Buyer, printmaker established in Renne (West of France). Pintmaking is a friendly practice that is about sharing and Véronique’s work deserves your full attention. To discover her work sometimes tender and sometime committed, click here.

The exhibition “regards croisés” of artistic crafts

Lino, paper and ink, copper, cristal and fire, clay, enamels and fire… We hope you enjoyed the result of the transformation of the elements. This exhibition should have been held at the beginning of April, during the European Artistic Crafts Days, in the beautiful troglodyte studio of Anne de la Forge. Because France had just entered its third lockdown, it could not happen in real life; so we set up this smaller exhibition during the open house studio. Anne de la Forge, art enameler and Mizanne, ceramicist showcased their magnificent art alongside my prints.

Art and crafts lovers, please continue to follow us in person and online!

Anne de la Forge, contemporary art enameler, proposes workshops in her beautiful troglodyte studio for children and adults. For more information click here.

You can also book your workshop by clicking here.

Find Mizanne André, ceramicist online on her site here :

Follow my printmaking journey on this site and do not hesitate to leave me your email address on the contact form to receive my newsletter.



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