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A series of linocut prints inspired by the seascapes of Brittany


A series of prints made from plein air sketches of Brittany in France

This series of linocut prints was made between January and April 2024 and are presented for the first time during my solo exhibition happening on the first week of the 44th Mini Print international of Cadaqués.

The prints are inspired by the beautiful seascapes of Brittany in France and are reinterpetations of sketches made on location since 2020. You might recognise some of the heavenly places of the Côte des Abers area (and my beloved Aber Wrac'h).

The coast is treacherous and is dotted by extraordinary and beautiful lighthouses, some of which I coul not resist to represent. These three prints are submitted to VII International Miniprint Cantabria competition which theme is 'the sea and the lighthouses'.

This project has been a huge fun, playing with colours and making variations of prints. It also has been an opportunity to experiment with different techniques which will be detailed in a few blogposts.

I also tried to convey the vastness and pecefulness of the landscape in a triptych.

All these prints will be part of my next fairs and exhibitions and will be available her on the eshop (until the editions sell out!). Their format is 10x10 cm on a 18x18 cm Fabriano Unica paper. The editions are limited from 5 to 20 ; most of them are editions of 10.

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