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Sketching en plein air

Programming to resume
in September 2023

As often as possible I go outside to draw en plein air: it brings happiness to me and also it is a great source of inspiration. Some of my linocut prints are direct transpositions of sketches I made outside, some use shapes I recorded in my sketchbooks in their compositions.


In May 2021 just as the third lockdown was being progressively lifted, I invited people around me to join in once a month.


The idea is to go for a little walk, chat and drawing time as a free and unguided practice, just for the sake of it. So many people are afraid of being judged negatively by passers by! Being in a small group can help lift this fear. What's more, as we all know, practice makes perfect and it is very important to make many many bad drawings to sometimes make a good one...

  • 2 hours

  • Free unguided practice​

  • Drawing / painting material of your choice

  • In case of very bad weather, we draw in a sheltered space


In June 2021, my Instagram art friend Deb, from Australia, expressed that she would have come, had it been possible... So I sent her a pricture so that she could join in a distant way! Check this page ; we will add reference pictures of our walks if you wish to draw along with us... virtually!

And of course, do not hesitate to get in touch if you happen to be around Paris to organise a meeting in real life.

Laplagechantilly printemps
Laplagechatilly dessin
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